Daleem Lakhnawi Recipe

Time required for Daleem Lakhnawi:

7 hours and 50 minutes approx.


  • 2000 gram meat
  • porridge 370 gram
  • daal urhur, mash, chana and masoor 375 grams
  • 250 gram onions
  • 60 gram rice
  • ginger to taste
  • some green chillies and parsley
  • 2 lemons
  • 375 gram oil
  • turmeric and salt according to taste

Way to prepare Daleem Lakhnawi?

    • Prepare the Korma of meat then wash the porridge add some salt in it and put it on the second stove. Wash urhur daal add some salt and put on the third stove in a sauce pan.
    • When you see that it is half cooked then add chunay ki daal. Later add mash, masoor and at last add the rice in it.
    • Once you see that all three daals are now ready then mix them all and mesh them. Now garnish it with green masala. Fry onion till they become red and then add them as well now leave it for steam.
    • Finally open the lid after 15 minutes. Serve it with lemons, ginger and sliced green chilli.
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