Homemade Mango Ice Cream Recipe

Homemade Mango Ice Cream In 2 Small And 1 Large Bowl With Spoon On Table

Time required for Homemade Mango Ice Cream Recipe:

2 hours 10 minutes approx


  • 2 ripe mangoes
  • ½ cup of hung curd
  • honey ¼ cup

Way to prepare Homemade Mango Ice Cream:

Start by peeling the skin of 2 mangoes then cut them into slices and chop them. Freeze for 2 hours then add ½ cup of hung curd, ¼ cup of honey and frozen mango pieces.

Now blend all these things at high speed then pour the mixture in a bowl and freeze it for 12 hours in a air tight container.

Finally serve it your Mango Ice Cream is ready.

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Homemade Mango Ice Cream
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